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8/27/2017 10:18:19 PM
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replica gucci belts to the construction committee

 The original water company is rich and powerful, do not care about the tens of thousands of dollars, but happens recently, the general manager of the water company and power supply Bureau of the Secretary Wang recently made some small contradictions. Lee always think this time, this is Wang Zhichang nothing to do things, deliberately in the whole, so let the office director replica gucci belts to the construction committee file room to check the original laying of this water pipe to prove that the construction of the water pipe network is urban construction Planning department approved. As long as the found the certificate, then the water pipe is legitimate, the power supply system will lose the basis of the fine, and even the water company can also say that the power plant of the transformer fracturing the water company's water pipes, in turn,
Because it is Li personally confessed to the task, fake gucci belt not neglect, he put down all the work at hand, personally with two men went to the construction archives to check the information, but the three of them in the archives for three days, Even found a little clue, and later he invited the archivist Zhu Dalong, Zhu Dalong also sent two archives staff to help them find, and spent two days, or a little clue are not.
At this time because the power supply bureau reminder of the reminder of the tight, Li always patted the table Chong Dong Xiaoqiang temper, said a dignified office director, even this little things are uncertain, I see your office director do not have to do!
Dong Xiaojiang know that Lee is not talking about the words to play, if Lee always in front of the power supply Bureau in front of Wang Zhuren lost face, will certainly be angry to his body. desperate in the time, an archivist staff to take a sentence, maybe the Planning Bureau of the living file will have a way ... ...