Comments and Conclusions

    • Arteriovenous malformations result from persistence of the embryonic vascular pattern that exists before the arteries, capillaries and veins differentiate during the second month of gestation.4
    • It is a rare, unilateral nonhereditary disorder with variable visual impairment which depends on the severity of the anomaly. 4
    • A complete literature search of retinal arteriovenous malformations was compiled in June of 2008 by Dieter Schimidt, et al. and the term Congenial RetinoCephalic vascular malformation syndrome (CRC) was adapted to describe the anomaly.4
    • – The review comprised the computer-stored data of all the 121 patients with AV malformation described in the literature.
      – About half of the patients (57 patients) had isolated retinal AV malformations.4
      – About a quarter of the patients (27 patients) were diagnosed with the typical CRC syndrome (which included vascular facial skin changes.)4
      – About a quarter of the patients (25 patients), were diagnosed with CRC syndrome in the absence of vascular skin lesions.4