Case #1 – Pathological Myopia Case Update

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About the Authors:Kyra Dorgeloh, ODDr. Dorgeloh graduated from the State University of New York College of Optometry in 2019 where she received recognition for her academic and clinical achievements with multiple scholarship awards. She completed her residency in ocular disease in 2020. Her residency training involved the diagnosis and management of ocular diseases in a

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Case #1 – Pathological Myopia Update

Pathological Myopia Case Update A posterior staphyloma is considered a hallmark finding of pathological myopia.1,2 The definition of pathological myopia has been recently updated and is defined as the presence of myopic chorioretinal atrophy equal to or more severe than diffuse atrophy or the presence of a posterior staphyloma. More severe findings include patchy chorioretinal

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