When a Technology Falters Find a Fix

• Many clinicians rely upon the results of circumpapillary retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) measurements obtained with OCT to diagnose and manage their glaucoma patients.
• As demonstrated in Retina Revealed #34. the SD OCT measurements of the RNFL can sometimes fail to document a profound and irrefutable RNFL loss.
• Here we present a carefully documented case which clearly identifies the insensitivity of OCT RNFL measurements.
• One explanation (given in RR #34) is that circumpapillary OCT RNFL thickness measurements include blood vessels which artificially increase the RNFL measurement.
• Hence the blood vessels may be contaminating the RNFL measurement.
• CORDA is a novel approach to differentiate the highly reflective axons of the RNFL from the less reflective blood vessels and glial tissue.
• Here we introduce CORDA and demonstrate that it works!