Myopia is the most common ocular disorder worldwide and is likely going to continue to increase in prevalence. In a 2016 report by Holden et al., it was estimated that 1.4 billion people worldwide were myopic in 2000. Of those, it was estimated that 163 million people had high myopia (-5.00 D or greater). From these trends in the global prevalence of myopia, it was estimated that 49.8% of the global population will have myopia and 9.8% will have high myopia in 2050.1 Recent studies from the COVID-19 pandemic in China have shown increases in the prevalence of myopia in school-aged children.2

Projections of the global prevalence of myopia for each decade from 2000 to 2050. The prevalence of both myopia (less than -5.00 D) and high myopia (-5.00 D or greater) are projected to increase.1