case 9: Topcon 3D OCT Images

Figure A: The 3D representation of the lesion’s elevation measuring about 250 microns is depicted on the left. This image is composed of the 128 horizontal slices within the green box. Figure B: One horizontal slice of the 128 sections contained in the 6×6 mm box is demonstrated to the right. RPE, depicted in red, is elevated due to the underlying drusen and lesion below.

A 55-year-old asymptomatic female presented with a lesion in her left eye. BCVA was 20/20 OU. The melanocytic lesion appeared to be a nevus and careful monitoring was recommended. SD OCT is very useful in detecting subtle elevations. Here the elevation was about 1/4 of a mm. For the full case study go to : Retina Revealed Case #7 – Suspicious Nevus