• In Retina Revealed #51. we Introduced the novel concept of multi-spectral imaging (MSI) of the posterior segment by utilizing 10 LEDs, each penetrating to a different depth.
  • MSI is a technique that can reveal numerous, large choroidal lesions that may go undetected by ophthalmosocopy, OCT and MRI, as depicted In RR#51.
  • Here, we briefly review this signature case of multiple choroidal lesions in both eyes of a patient with NF1, best detected with MSI.
  • MSI is also very useful in common disorders, such as AMD, and may reveal changes in melanin (contained within RPE cells) very early in the disease process.
  • Very recent advances in genetics of AMD has established the value of “pharmaco-genetics” or genetics determining the most beneficial nutraceutical in any specific patient.
  • AMD early detection, genetic analysis and the correct “eye vitamin” supplement may prevent or delay vision loss in large numbers of Americans.