Comments and Conclusions

  • As Americans live longer, AMD is reaching epidemic proportions.
  • With improved imaging technologies, AMD appears to be present in a younger population than previously believed.
  • MSI is a novel imaging procedure which is ideal in detecting early melanin changes in AMD as well as in myriad other disorders.
  • SD OCT and AF are also quite valuable in early AMD detection.
  • Genetic AMD testing logically follows early detection.
  • The dawn of pharmaco-genetics has arrived and reveals that genetics best determine the most beneficial supplements.
  • Carotenoids, especially the combination of L, Z and now M, are gaining in popularity as the science progresses.
  • In addition to internal carotenoid protection, lenses, such as the novel Blu Tech, may be quite beneficial. Clinicians now have both increased opportunity as well as responsibility to prevent or delay AMD vision loss.