Differential Diagnosis with Auto Flourescence

• As demonstrated in Retina Revealed #44 dots, spots and other white lesions are frequently encountered clinically.
• Proper interpretation of high resolution SD OCT images can often aid in the differential diagnosis RR #44.
• In addition to SD OCT, ultra-wide field fundus auto-fluorescence (FA) RR #42 and RR #45 dramatically aids in the detection and diagnosis of such light colored or pale yellow dots, spots and flecks.
• Ultra-wide field or panoramic AF (PAF) images of numerous retinal degeneratioris click her typically reveal hyper AF zones corresponding to the dots, spots and flecks.
• Dots, spots and flecks which demonstrate near perfect symmetry between the two eyes are most often genetic.
• Pattern recognition of the various AF presentations is often quite useful in the differential diagnosis.
• Here we present some fascinating cases of AF abnormalities, their various patterns of presentation and their differential diagnosis.