Retinal Thinning in Neurodegenerations

Case #11 – Non-glaucomatous RNFL loss with Cerebellar Atrophy

  • Those fortunate eye clinicians who frequently utilize OCT generally agree that OCT is the most important new technology for assessing retinal and optic nerve disorders and OCT is second only to the invention of the ophthalmoscope by Helmholtz 150 years ago.
  • Recent evidence has surfaced that neurodegenerative disorders, such as Parkinson’s Disease, may be detected and monitored with SD OCT.1
  • This week’s case is about a patient with no neurological symptoms who was diagnosed with spino-cerebellar ataxia (SCA) via MRI. The MRI was ordered because of RNFL loss and overall retinal thinning detected with SD OCT.